Harriet the Spy Notices Stuff

I just finished re-reading Louise Fitzhugh’s Harriet the Spy (again!) with my youngest daughter.

You gotta love  Harriet.  She’s flawed.  She’s sometimes mean.  She tells the truth, even if it’s not very nice.  She’s out there in the (rich, entitled) universe of Manhattan without any help from her clueless parents.

Then she gets advice from Old Golly telling her to lie after her friends find her secret notebooks full of (sometimes mean) stuff about them! To tell them that her notes aren’t true.  So people will like her.  So she won’t lose all her friends.  It’s so wonderfully refreshing to read such a truthful book.  It’s so great that there’s not a neat, tidy moral.  The ambiguity and the search for the truth gets kids (people) to think.

Okay, and we all seem to love gossip.  Harriet knows what to put in that sixth grade paper!

Keep spying, Harriet!


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