Thank you for visiting my website/blog, which I hope will become extra famous when my first book for middle grade readers (& up!) is published.  (Fingers crossed/throws caution to the wind.)  And you can say you were one of my first visitors, back then/when.  (Okay, maybe not a big deal for you.  But, it is a BIG DEAL for me so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, dear visitor.)

Here’s ONE IMPORTANT thing about me:  I used to be scared to follow my dreams.   So, I became a lawyer.  (That and it was very practical and my father and grandfather were lawyers and it’s not exactly half-bad.) But, the thing about being a lawyer is you don’t actually “tell the truth.”  Now, I’m not saying lawyers lie.  (I actually like lawyers.)  What I’m saying is that making up stories is more like “telling the truth” for me.  Strange, huh.

My first book is a middle-grade (& up!) coming of age story about my fabulous heroine, Penelope, which I hope you will get to read someday and I hope will become a best-seller and all.  Because Penelope would really like that, even though she’s a bit of a worry-wart and might not like all the publicity at first. But, she’d get used to it.

In addition to writing made up stories that try to tell the truth, I teach university classes about law & ethics & policy.

Here’s are a few additional random things about me:

  1. i love the look of lowercase letters starting a sentence, even though i know it’s really hard to read so i generally avoid it.
  2. Ampersands are the coolest thing ever & I do not lie.
  3. I grew up in a small town in the middle of Nebraska.
  4. I love that town.
  5. I don’t live there anymore.
  6. I live in Denver.  The up & coming literary capital of the country.  Okay, maybe the region.
  7. I love it here too.  Who doesn’t love sunshine?
  8. Even though I’m not a practicing lawyer anymore, I’m a policy nerd. which I don’t think is really nerdy.
  9. I like to change my hair color.  A lot.  My kids don’t really like that.
  10. Reading changed changes my life (for the better, always.)
  11. When I was growing up, I read almost every book in the St. Paul Public Library.
  12. Philosophy was my co-major in college. I even almost went to graduate school for a PhD. in philosophy.  Until I decided that would be too depressing.   But I still like it.
  13. I love to sing, but I have a horrible voice.  Mostly I sing pretend-opera.  It makes everyone around me really happy. (wink.  sigh.)
  14. I used to know how to play the banjo (sort-of) & I played the clarinet in band in high school (it was a small town: being in the band was basically required) until I quit because the band teacher didn’t like it when I did other stuff while he was talking to the saxophone group or whatever.
  15. I was a cheerleader in high school, which is so weird since I’m so-not cheerleader-like.  (Not to say there’s anything wrong with cheerleaders! If you’re a cheerleader, super cool!)
  16. I am a very, very, very, very focused person (contrary to anything I might say about my propensity to procrastinate).  The focused thing comes from reading legal documents, which are generally very boring.  So, if there are any prospective agents reading this (please raise your hand and say yes!), this should be a great sign of my ability to keep  el butto in el seato (first step for a  successful writer, no!?)

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Cheers, xo and all that —



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